Today all the Flamingo eggs will hatch! Diego is at the Andean Mountains on his way to Flamingo Lake. When suddenly, he hears a cry for help. It's Mami Flamingo hiding from a fox, inside a cave. Diego heads out to rescue Mami Flamingo. He'll have step tall like a flamingo to go across the river and get to the cave. When we arrive at the cave, we help Diego by yelling, "vete" to get the fox away from Mami Flamingo. She's now safe. Just then, Alicia calls Diego on her Video Watch and tells him that Mami Flamingo's egg is in danger. The mud nest is too close to the water. Papi Flamingo is trying to build a mud wall to protect the egg but they've gotta get back quick cause he needs our help. Diego and Mami Flamingo head out. Along the way, they'll have to tip-toe like a flamingo to get through a cranky volcano, stand on one leg like a flamingo to get across the broken forest bridge and swim on Flamingo Lake to rescue the baby egg before a wave sweeps it away. Mami and Papi Flamingo are so happy their baby egg is safe and sound. We then watch as ALL the eggs hatch and see dozens of Baby Flamingos. They're so cute!


  • This is the first episode to air on the Nick Jr. Channel