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"Chugga chugga choo, gotta get bamboo!" Diego,Blue,Sprinkles and Baby Jaguar are at Blue & Sprinkles' first time   in China helping their friend, Yang, the Giant Panda Rescuer. He's at Bamboo Mountain where they planted lots of bamboo and we're going to take a train ride through the mountains to pick up all the hungry pandas! Together, we pull, pull, pull to keep Pan Pan the Giant Panda from falling over the mountain; we find Grandpa Panda, camouflaged in the snowy field; then, use panda gloves to climb up the tallest tree in the forest to find Baby Panda; and we growl like Giant Pandas to save the panda twins from the leopards. We've got to hurry because we've got a train full of hungry Giant Pandas and only one food will do - bamboo! ....

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