This is the family tree of Diego's family. Here are all the members of Diego's family

Diego Marquez (youngest child and only the boy in the family)

Alicia Marquez (older sister, the second eldest child)


Daisy Marquez (oldest sister and the eldest child of the Marquez Family)



Abuelita (paternal grandmother; seen young in a flashback in Pampas and Friends Help the Rescue Center)

Abuelito (grandfather)

Dora (younger cousin)

Diego Marquez, Youngest Child in the Marquez Family, and the only boy in the family.


  • It's possible that Abuelito could be Diego's paternal grandfather because he looks a lot like Papi.
  • Since Dora and Diego have the exact same last name, their dads could be brothers.
  • According to Diego, Daisy is almost never seen because she is in college. How can a 15-year-old be in college? Reply: She's probably a prodigy.
  • Alicia is the only one in the family with green eyes while the rest of the members of the family have brown eyes.

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